Listening Modes

Selecting Listening Modes

Select the optimum listening mode for movies, TV, music, and games by repeatedly pressing the MOVIE/TV, MUSIC, and GAME buttons.

1.During play, press one of the following three buttons on the remote controller.


2.Press the selected button repeatedly to switch the modes displayed on the display of the unit.


For details on the effects of each of the listening modes see "Listening Mode Effects". For listening modes selectable for each of the audio formats in the input signals, refer to "Selectable Listening Modes".

When you press PURE AUDIO on the front of the unit (European, Australian and Asian models), the display and analog video circuits are turned off, and the unit switches to the Pure Audio listening mode to provide purer sound. Selecting this mode lights the PURE AUDIO indicator on the unit. Pressing the button again reselects the previous listening mode.


Selecting the Pure Audio listening mode turns off the analog video circuitry, so the video signals input through the jacks other than the HDMI input jack cannot be displayed on the TV.

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