Advanced Setup

Web Setup

1.Press 43680.png on the remote controller to display the Setup menu.

2.Select "5. Hardware" - "Network" with the cursors, then take a note of the IP address displayed in "IP Address".

3.Start the internet browser on your PC or smartphone and enter the IP address of the unit in the URL field.

4.Information for the unit (Web Setup screen) is displayed in the internet browser.


5.After changing the settings, select "Save" to save the settings.

Device Information

You can change the Friendly Name, set an AirPlay Password, etc.

Control4: Register this unit if you are using a Control4 system.

Firmware Update: Select the firmware update you have downloaded to your PC so you can update this unit.

Network Setting

Status: You can see information for the network such as the MAC address and IP address for this unit.

Network Connection: You can select how to connect to the network. If you select "Wireless", select an access point from "Wi-Fi Setup" to connect.

DHCP: You can change DHCP settings. If you select "Off", set "IP Address", "Subnet Mask", "Gateway", and "DNS Server" manually.

Proxy: Display and set the URL for the proxy server.

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