Main features

This unit is connected between your TV and your AV components. To play, select the source with the input selector. This unit has a 9 ch amplifier plus pre out jack for powered subwoofer.

Conforms to the THX Select2 Plus specification: THX is a series of specifications for the accurate reproduction of movies propounded by the film director George Lucas. This unit is equipped with a variety of THX technology to faithfully reproduce according to the sound design envisaged by the movie producer, including surround modes that take account of factors such as the size and number of speakers, and the differences in environments between home theaters and movie theaters.

Supports playback in Dolby Atmos format and has Dolby Surround listening mode

Supports playback in DTS:X format and has DTS Neural:X listening mode

The HDMI jack supports 4K video input and output. Jacks IN1 to 5 and OUT MAIN/SUB support HDCP2.2

HDMI CEC functionality: Control features such as linking input switching with the input selector and players conforming to the CEC standard, switching audio output and volume using the remote controller of a CEC-compliant TV, and automatically switching this unit to standby when the TV is turned off

HDMI Standby Through: Video and audio signals from AV components can be transmitted to the TV even if this unit is in standby

ARC: Connection with an ARC-compatible TV is complete with one HDMI cable

Easy Initial Setup using onscreen guidance and On-Screen Display (OSD) showing operations on the TV

Internet radio and AirPlay via wired LAN or Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) and network features such as Music Server that enables PC music file playback, USB playback, plus other playback features such as AM/FM radio and BLUETOOTH® play

Playback formats supported by Music Server and USB include WAV, FLAC and DSD high-res source

Multi-zone Connection which allows you to play in the main room and listen in a separate room (ZONE 2/ZONE 3)

Equipped with RS232 port, IR IN jack, and 12V TRIGGER OUT jack

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