Advanced Setup

Firmware Update

Updating via USB


Prepare a 128MB or larger USB storage device. FAT16 or FAT32 file system format.

Media inserted in a USB card reader may not be used for this function.

USB storage devices with security function are not supported.

USB hubs and USB devices with hub function are not supported. Do not connect these devices to the unit.

Delete any data stored on the USB storage device.

Turn off the controller component (PC etc.) connected to the network.

Stop any playing Internet radio, USB storage device, or server content.

If the multi-zone function is active, turn it off.

If "HDMI CEC" is set to "On", set it to "Off".

Press 10729.png on the remote controller. Then, after selecting "5. Hardware" - "HDMI" and pressing ENTER, select "HDMI CEC" and select "Off".

Some USB storage devices may take long to load, may not be loaded correctly, or may not be correctly fed depending on the device or their content.

Our company will not be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage of data, or storage failure arising from the use of the USB storage device with this unit. Thank you for your understanding.

The description may differ from the on-screen display but that will not change the way to operate or the function.


If an Error Message is Displayed

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