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USB Storage Device Requirements

 USB mass storage device class (but not always guaranteed).

 FAT16 or FAT32 file system format.

 If the USB storage device has been partitioned, each section will be treated as an independent device.

 Up to 20,000 folders can be displayed, and folders may be nested up to 16 levels deep.

 USB hubs and USB storage devices with hub functions are not supported. Do not connect these devices to the unit.


 If the media you connect is not supported, the message "No Storage" will be displayed.

 Sound files that are protected by copyright can not be played.

 When the USB audio player and this unit are connected, the audio player screen and the screen of the unit may be different. In addition, control functions of the audio player (classifying and sorting music files and adding information, etc.) are not available on this unit.

 Do not connect a PC to the USB port of the unit. Inputting sound to the USB port of the unit from a PC is not possible.

 Media inserted to the USB card reader may not be available in this function.

 Some USB storage devices and its contents may require some time to be read.

 Depending on the USB storage device, proper reading of the contents and proper supply of the power supply may not be possible.

 Onkyo accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or damage to data stored on a USB storage device when that device is used with this unit. We recommend that you back up your important music files beforehand.

 Performance of the hard disk that receive power from the USB port of the unit is not guaranteed.

 If you connect a USB hard disk drive to the USB port of the unit, we recommend that you use its AC adapter to power it.

 When an audio player that are operated with batteries is used, make sure that the batteries have enough remaining power.

 USB storage devices with security functions can not be played.

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