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Server Requirements

Server playback

This unit can play digital music files stored on a PC or media server and supports the following technologies:

 Windows Media Player 11

 Windows Media Player 12

 DLNA-certified media server

The network server must be connected to the same network as this unit.

Up to 20,000 folders can be displayed, and folders may be nested up to 16 levels deep.

Note: Depending on the media server, the unit may not recognize it, or may not be able to play its music files.

Remote playback

Remote playback is the function that enables this unit to play music files saved in different components by operating the DLNA-compliant controller component and PC in the home network.

 Windows Media Player 12

 DLNA-certified (within DLNA Interoperability Guidelines version 1.5) media server or controller component.

The setting varies depending on the media server or controller components. Refer to your components’ instruction manual for details.

If the operating system of your personal PC is Windows 8/Windows 7, Windows Media Player 12 is already installed. For more information, see the Microsoft web site.

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