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Home network (LAN)

The connection of several components via cables enabling the mutual communication is called a network.

At households, many families create (generally, the term "build" is used) a network to connect PC and gaming machines to the Internet and to exchange data between PC.

The network established in a relatively narrow area such as one household is called a LAN (Local Area Network).

In this manual, a term "home network" (network for a family) is used instead of "LAN," so this LAN becomes more familiar.

By connecting this unit with the network server such as a PC, playing music files in the network server (in the PC) is possible. Moreover, by connecting to the Internet, listening to the Internet radio is also possible.

This unit, PC, and Internet are not directly connected.

When connecting with a PC and/or Internet, several components (network components) are necessary.

Components necessary for establishing a home network (LAN):

Components necessary for the home network (LAN) for using the NET function of this unit are as follows.


A router is a device that controls information (data) flow between the unit, PC, and the Internet.

As a network term, the flow of information (data) is called "traffic". The router has a role to control the information flow as the traffic control, between connected components.

 A router with a built-in 100Base-TX switch is recommended.

In addition, if your router has the DHCP function, facilitating the network setting becomes possible.

 Some routers have a built-in modem, and some Internet Service Providers (ISP) require you to use specific routers.

Please consult your ISP or PC dealer if you are unsure.

CAT5 Ethernet cable

The Ethernet cable is a cable that actually connects components that comprise the network. There are straight type and cross type Ethernet cables.

 Use a shielded CAT5 Ethernet cable (straight-type) to connect the unit to your home network.

Consult your cable store for details of Ethernet cable.

Network server
(When PC etc./network server is used)

Component that stores music files and provides those files at the time of playback.

 Requirements for use with this unit depend on the component that is used as a network server.

 Conditions for pleasant playback of music files on the unit depend on the using network server (PC performance). See instruction manuals of using components.

Modem (when Internet radio is used)

Device that connects home network (LAN) and Internet

There are many kinds of modems depending on the forms of Internet connection.

In addition, when connecting to the Internet, it is required to conclude an agreement with a company that provides Internet connection service, called ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Use a modem that is recommended by your ISP company for the Internet connection.

There are some devices that have both router and modem functions.

Within above network components, prepare a router, Ethernet cable, and network server when the NET function "network server" is used.

For enjoying the NET function "Internet radio," it is necessary to use the router, Ethernet cable, and modem (and agreement with ISP).

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