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Linked Operation with CEC-compatible Components

The AV receiver is compatible with the following components (as of January 2014).

TV (Random order):

 Toshiba TV sets

 Sharp TV sets

Players/Recorders (Random order):

 Onkyo and Integra RIHD-compatible players

 Toshiba players and recorders

 Sharp players and recorders (only when used together with Sharp TV sets)

Models other than those mentioned above may have some interoperability if compatible with CEC, which is part of the HDMI Standard, but operation can not be guaranteed.

Note: For RI functions to work properly, do not connect more RIHD-compatible components than the quantities specified below, to the HDMI jack. RI functions are not guaranteed when more RIHD-compatible components than the below mentioned quantities are connected. Furthermore, do not connect the AV receiver to another AV receiver/AV amplifier via HDMI.

 Blu-ray Disc/DVD players: up to 3.

 Blu-ray Disc/DVD recorders: up to 3.

 Cable TV tuner, terrestrial digital tuner, and satellite broadcasting tuner: up to 4 units.

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