Radio Wave Caution

The AV receiver uses a 2.4 GHz radio wave

frequency, which is a band used by other wireless

systems as 1 and 2 described below.

1.Devices which use a 2.4 GHz radio wave frequency

 Cordless phones

 Cordless facsimiles

 Microwave ovens

 Wireless LAN devices (IEEE802.11b/g/n)

 Wireless AV equipment

 Wireless controllers for game systems

 Microwave oven-based health aids

 Video transmitter

 Specific type of external monitor and LCD display

2.Less common devices which use a 2.4 GHz radio wave frequency

 Anti-theft systems

 Amateur radio stations (HAM)

 Warehouse logistic management systems

 Discrimination systems for train or emergency vehicles

If these devices and the AV receiver are used at the same time, the audio may be undesirably stopped or disturbed due to a radio wave interference.

Suggestions for improvement

 Switch off the devices which emit the radio wave.

 Place the interfering devices away from the AV receiver.

 The AV receiver uses radio wave, and a third person can receive the wave on purpose or accidentally. Do not use the communication for important or fatal matters.

 We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any error or damage of network environment or access device resulting from the use of this apparatus.

Confirm with the provider or access device maker for more information.

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