Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) Network

Cannot access to Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) network or sound playback is interrupted and communication does not work

 Try plugging/unplugging the power supply of wireless LAN router and the unit, check the wireless LAN router power-on status, and try reboot of the wireless LAN router.

 The setting of SSID and encryption (WEP, etc.) is not correct. Make sure the network settings of the unit is properly set.

 Connection to an SSID that includes multi-byte characters is not supported. Name the SSID of the wireless LAN router using single-byte alphanumeric characters only and try again.

 Can not receive radio wave due to a bad connection. Shorten the distance from wireless LAN access point or remove obstacles for a good visibility, and try again. Place the unit away from microwave ovens or other access points. 2.4 GHz band for wireless LAN may not be enough. Connect ETHERNET terminal of the unit and the router via an Ethernet cable after selecting "7.Hardware Setup" - "Network" and changing "Wi-Fi" to "Off (Wired)".

 Place the unit away from the components emitting electromagnetic waves on the 2.4 GHz band (microwave ovens, game consoles, etc.). If this does not solve the problem, stop using other components which emit electromagnetic waves.

 When other wireless LAN devices are used near the unit, several issues such as interrupted playback and communication may occur. You can avoid these issues by changing the channel of your wireless LAN router. For instructions on changing channels, see the instruction manual provided with your wireless LAN router.

 If there is a metallic object near the unit, wireless LAN connection may not be possible as the metal can effect on the radio wave.

 If there is more than one access point in the network, separate each access point.

 It is recommended to place the Wi-Fi router (access point) and the unit in the same room.

The connection does not complete even when the automatic setting button is pressed on the wireless LAN router

 The wireless LAN router setting may be switched to Manual. Return the setting to Auto.

 Try the manual set-up. The connection may succeed.

On the list of SSID on the TV menu screen, there is no corresponding SSID

 When the wireless LAN router setting is at stealth mode (mode to hide the SSID key) or when ANY connection is off, the SSID is not displayed. Change the setting and try again.

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