RI Dock for iPod/iPhone

There is no sound

 Make sure your iPod/iPhone is actually playing.

 Make sure your iPod/iPhone is properly inserted in the Dock.

 Make sure the unit is turned on, the correct input source is selected, and the volume is turned up.

 Make sure the plugs are pushed in all the way.

 Try resetting your iPod/iPhone.

There is no video

 Make sure that your iPod/iPhone model’s TV OUT setting is set to On.

 Make sure the correct input is selected on your TV or the unit.

 Some versions of the iPod/iPhone do not output video.

The AV receiver’s remote controller does not control my iPod/iPhone

 Make sure your iPod/iPhone is properly inserted in the Dock. If your iPod/iPhone is in a case, it may not connect properly to the Dock. Always remove your iPod/iPhone from the case before inserting it into the Dock.

 The iPod/iPhone can not be operated while it is displaying the Apple logo.

 Make sure you have selected the correct remote controller mode.

 When you use the AV receiver’s remote controller, point it toward this unit.

 Before operating with the remote controller, you may need to play on your iPod/iPhone to make the input selector be recognized.

 Try resetting your iPod/iPhone.

 Depending on your iPod/iPhone model and generation, some buttons may not work as expected.

The unit unexpectedly selects my iPod/iPhone as the input source

 Always pause iPod/iPhone playback before selecting a different input source. If playback is not paused, the Direct Change function may select your iPod/iPhone as the input source by mistake during the transition between tracks.

iPod/iPhone does not work properly

 Try reconnecting your iPod/iPhone.

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