Connecting and Operating Onkyo RI Components

About RI Function

Connecting an Onkyo component with RI jack such as the separately sold RI Dock to the unit by using an RI cable and an analog audio (RCA) cable enables the following RI functions:

System On / Auto Power On: Starting playback on a component connected via RI when the unit is on standby mode, automatically turns on the unit to select the relevant component as its input source.

Direct Change: When playback is started on a component connected via RI, the unit selects that component as the input source.

Remote Controller Operation: Allows you to operate RI-compatible Onkyo components using the AV receiver's remote controller. Point the remote controller at remote control sensor of the unit. This operation is possible only when the RI remote control code is programmed.

 Some components may not support all RI functions.

 These functions do not work when Zone 2 is turned on.

 For information on the RI functions, also refer to each component's instruction manual.

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