Advanced Settings

5.Listening Mode Preset

You can preset your favorite listening mode to each input. (For example, you can always apply straight decode to the Dolby TrueHD source of Blu-ray Disc to play it in unchanged sound field.) Select the input, signal type and listening mode.

Although it is possible to select the listening mode during playback, the selected mode will be reset when the unit enters standby mode.

Mono/Multiplex Source
2ch Source
Dolby D/Dolby D Plus/TrueHD
Other Multich Source

 Available listening modes vary depending on the input signal.

 Setting "Last Valid" will always select the last selected mode.

 Only "Analog" can be set to the "TUNER" input.

 "Digital" and "TrueHD" can be set to the "NET" and "USB" inputs.

 Only "Digital" can be set to the "BLUETOOTH" input.

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