Using Remote Controller for Playing Music Files

Remote Controller Buttons

1.Press INPUT SELECTOR (PC, NET, USB or BLUETOOTH) appropriate for the input source on the remote controller.


2.Operate the remote controller by referring to the name and function of each of the buttons below.


1TOP MENU: This button displays the top menu for each media or server.

26016.png/6021.png, ENTER: These buttons navigate through items and activate the selected item.

6026.png/6036.png: These buttons cycle through pages.

316341.png: This button fast-reverses the current track. This button is not operable from 10 seconds before the playback ends.

46050.png: This button plays the current track from the beginning. Pressing this button twice plays the previous track.

5CH +/- button: Moves the cursor on the Internet radio stations list in "My Favorites".

6MENU: This button displays the menu of each Internet radio service.

7RETURN: This button returns to the previous screen.

816357.png: This button fast-forwards the current track. This button is not operable from 10 seconds before the playback ends.

916368.png: This button plays the next track.


F16390.png: This button starts the playback.

G6061.png: This button pauses the playback.

HSEARCH: This button toggles between the playback screen and list screen during playback.

I6079.png: This button stops the playback.

JRANDOM: This button performs random playback.

KREPEAT: This button replays the track(or tracks). Pressing this button repeatedly cycles through the repeat modes.

LDISPLAY: This button changes the displayed track information during playback. Pressing this button when the list screen is displayed toggles the screen to playback.

 Bluetooth-enabled devices: Usable buttons are 6084.png, 6089.png, 6094.png, 6104.png, 6112.png, 6117.png, and 6122.png.

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