DLNA Music Streaming

About DLNA

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) can be referred to as a technology standard or the industry group to develop the technology standard to interconnect and use AV components, PCs and other devices in a home network (more precisely the technology standard is called the DLNA guidelines).

The unit allows you to use DLNA to play music files stored on a PC or a hard disk connected to your home network (NAS device). Make sure the unit and PC or NAS device are connected to the same router.


 To play a music file with DLNA, you need a NAS device or the like with DLNA server functions and a DLNA player (software) to stream the music. You can also stream music files using a PC installed with Windows Media Player 11 or 12 as they are equipped with both DLNA server and player functions. To enable streaming, you must first configure the Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Player 12.

 With Windows Media Player 12 Remote Playback function, you can stream music files stored on your PC to the unit by operating the PC.

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