Listening to Internet Radio

Registering Other Internet Radios

To listen to other Internet radio program, register the program in the "My Favorites" list on the NET TOP screen as described below. The unit supports Internet radio stations stored in the following formats: PLS (URL ending in .pls), M3U (URL ending in .m3u) and RSS (URL ending in rss/rdf/xml).

 You can register up to 40 Internet radio stations.

 Depending on the data type and file format for playback, you may not be able to play an Internet radio station even when its format is PLS, M3U or Podcast (RSS).

 Available services may vary depending on your area of residence.

Operation: You can set up by viewing the guidance displayed on the TV screen. To display the guidance, you need to make HDMI connection between the unit and TV. Select the item with the cursor buttons of the remote controller and press ENTER to confirm your selection. To return to the previous screen, press RETURN.


Registering a Station

Registering a Station with PC

Playing a Registered Radio Station

Deleting a Registered Radio Station

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