AM/FM Radio Receiving Function

Using RDS (European, Australian and Asian models)

RDS stands for Radio Data System and is a method of transmitting data in FM radio signals.

 RDS works only in areas where RDS broadcasts are available.

 In some cases, the text information appeared on the display is not identical to the content transmitted by the RDS station. Furthermore, unexpected characters may be displayed when the unit receives unsupported characters. However, this is not a malfunction.

 If the signal from an RDS station is weak, the RDS data may be displayed continuously or not at all.

PS (Program Service): Tuning into a radio station distributing Program Service information displays the radio station name. Pressing DISPLAY displays the frequency for 3 seconds.

RT (Radio Text): Tuning into a radio station transmitting Radio Text information displays text on the display of the unit.

PTY (Program Type): Allows you to search for RDS stations by program type.

TP (Traffic Program): Allows you to search for radio stations transmitting traffic information.

Displaying Radio Text (RT)

Searching by Type (PTY)

Listening to Traffic Information (TP)

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