Advanced Setup

Setup Menu


Use the on-screen displays (OSD) that appear on the TV to make the settings.

Press 9516.png on the remote controller to display the Setup menu.


Select the item with the cursor 9542.png/9553.png buttons of the remote controller and press ENTER to confirm your selection.

Use the cursors 9564.png/9576.png to change the default values.

To return to the previous screen, press 9591.png.

To exit the settings, press 9605.png.

1. Input/Output Assign

Make settings related to output to the TV, change the settings for jack allocations to the various input selectors, and set the feature for displaying operations on the TV (OSD), etc.

1. TV Out / OSD

2. HDMI Input

3. Video Input

4. Digital Audio Input

5. Analog Audio Input

2. Speaker

You can make changes to the connection environment of the speakers and change the volume level. Settings are automatically configured if you use AccuEQ Room Calibration. This setting cannot be selected if headphones are connected or audio is output from the speakers of the TV.

1. Configuration

2. Crossover

3. Distance

4. Level Calibration

5. Dolby Enabled Speaker

6. Equalizer Settings

3. Audio Adjust

Make advanced settings such as those related to multiplex audio, settings for the LFE level, or those related to the volume of this unit.

1. Multiplex/Mono

2. Dolby

3. DTS

4. LFE Level

5. Volume

4. Source

Make settings for input sources, such as volume difference adjustments for each input selector for the connected equipment.

1. IntelliVolume

2. Name Edit

Audio Select

Video Select

5. Hardware

Make settings related to the HDMI CEC, HDMI Standby Through, ARC features, settings related to network features, and settings related to power management of the unit, such as Auto Standby and Network Standby.


2. Network

3. Bluetooth

4. Power Management

6. Multi Zone

Make settings related to Multi-zone Connection, such as the volume for the separate room.

1. Zone 2

2. Remote Play Zone

7. Miscellaneous

Change the frequency step for the tuner, update the firmware, and perform Initial Setup, etc.

1. Tuner

2. Remote ID

3. Firmware Update

4. Initial Setup

5. Lock

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