Power consumption in standby mode

 In the following cases, the power consumption in standby mode may reach up to a maximum of 5 W:

When “Network Standby” in "7. Hardware Setup" - "Network" is set to "On".

When “HDMI CEC (RIHD)” is set to “On”. (Depending on the TV status, the AV receiver will enter normal standby mode.)

The “HDMI Through” setting is set to other than “Off”.

When “Wakeup via Bluetooth” in "7. Hardware Setup" - "Bluetooth" is set to "On".

 The power consumption in standby mode may be larger than the value above while the MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) enabled mobile device connected to the AUX INPUT HDMI/MHL jack is being charged.

The sound changes when I connect my headphones

 When a listening mode other than Direct, Pure Audio, or Mono is selected, connecting a headphone automatically selects Stereo.

The display does not work

 The display is turned off when the Pure Audio listening mode is selected.

How do I change the language of a multiplex source

 Select “Main” or “Sub” for “Multiplex Input Channel” in “3. Audio Adjust” -"Multiplex/Mono".

The RI functions do not work

 To use RI, you must make an RI connection and an analog audio (RCA) connection between the component and AV receiver, even if they are connected digitally.

 While Zone 2/Zone 3 is selected, the RI functions do not work.

The functions System On/Auto Power On and Direct Change do not work for components connected via RI

 These functions do not work when Zone 2/Zone 3 is turned on.

When performing Automatic Speaker Setup, the measurement fails and the message “Ambient noise is too high.” is displayed.

 This can be caused by a malfunction in your speaker unit. Check if the unit produces normal sounds.

The display is dark

 Make sure that Dimmer function is not working. Press DIMMER button and change the brightness level of the display.

The following settings can be made for the component video and composite video inputs.

 While holding down the input selector button to configure, press HOME once at a time until “Video ATT:On” appears on the display. To resume the setup, repeat the above described step until “Video ATT:Off” appears on the display.

This setting is possible for input selectors assigned with one of the video inputs "VIDEO 1" to "VIDEO 3" in "1.Input/Output Assign" - "Component Video Input" or "Composite Video Input". If you have a game console connected to the composite video input, and the picture is not very clear, you can attenuate the gain.

 Video ATT: Off: (Default).

 Video ATT: On: (Gain is reduced by 2dB.)

The picture on your TV/monitor connected to the HDMI output(s) is unstable

 Try turning the DeepColor function off.

To turn off the DeepColor function, press STB/DVR and 21991.pngON/STANDBY on the AV receiver simultaneously.

While holding down STB/DVR, press 21996.pngON/STANDBY repeatedly until “Deep Color:Off” is appeared on the display. To reactivate the DeepColor function, repeat the above described step until “Deep Color:On” appears on the display.

The AV receiver contains a microPC for signal processing and control functions. In very rare situations, severe interference, noise from an external source, or static electricity may cause it to lockup. In the unlikely event that this happens, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait at least 5 seconds, and then plug it back in.

Onkyo is not responsible for damages (such as CD rental fees) due to unsuccessful recordings caused by the unit’s malfunction.

Before you record important data, make sure that the material will be recorded correctly.

Before disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet, set the AV receiver to standby.

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