Music playback is unavailable on the unit even after successful Bluetooth connection

 Depending on the characteristics or specifications of your Bluetooth-enabled device, playback on the unit is not guaranteed.

 When the audio volume of your Bluetooth-enabled device is set low, the playback of audio may be unavailable. Volume up the Bluetooth-enabled device.

 Depending on the Bluetooth-enabled device, Send/Receive selector switch may be provided. Select Send mode.

 Even when a music file is playing on the Bluetooth-enabled device, the sound cannot be played if the connection is not established with the unit. Make sure that the unit is connected (this unit is selected as the sound output destination).

Sound is interrupted

 Problem may be occurring at the Bluetooth-enabled device. Check the information on a web page.

The audio quality is poor after connection with a Bluetooth-enabled device

 The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move the Bluetooth-enabled device closer to the unit or remove any obstacle between the Bluetooth-enabled device and this unit.

Cannot connect with this unit

 Try plugging/unplugging the power of the unit and try turning on/off the Bluetooth-enabled device. Re-startup of the Bluetooth-enabled device may be effective.

 The Bluetooth-enabled device does not support the profiles required for this unit.

 The Bluetooth function of the Bluetooth-enabled device is not enabled. Refer to the user manual of the Bluetooth-enabled device for how to enable the Bluetooth function.

 Near components such as microwave oven or cordless phone, which use the radio wave in the 2.4 GHz range, a radio wave interference may occur, which disables the use of this unit.

Bluetooth connection cannot be built

 When building a Bluetooth connection between this unit and your Bluetooth-enabled device for the first time, if the connection fails, select "7. Hardware Setup" - " Bluetooth", execute "Clear" in "Pairing Information", turn off and then on again your Bluetooth-enabled device to clear the device name, and build the connection again.

 If there is a metallic object near the unit, Bluetooth connection may not be possible as the metal can effect on the radio wave.

 If the wireless LAN and Bluetooth connections are used at the same time, try to connect the ETHERNET port and router with the Ethernet cable after selecting “7. Hardware Setup” - "Network" and changing “Wi-Fi” to "Off(Wired)" for a better connection.

The Auto Reconnect function does not work

 This may not work with some Bluetooth-enabled devices. In that case, pair the unit and the Bluetooth-enabled device and then play again.

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