Remote Controller

The remote controller does not work

 Before operating this unit using remote controller, be sure to press RECEIVER.

 Make sure that the batteries are installed with the correct polarity.

 Install new batteries. Do not mix different types of batteries, or old and new batteries.

 Make sure that the remote controller is not too far away from the unit, and that there is no obstruction between the remote controller and the remote control sensor of the unit.

 Make sure that the unit is not subjected to direct sunshine or inverter-type fluorescent lights. Relocate if necessary.

 If the unit is installed in a rack or cabinet with colored-glass doors or if the doors are closed, the remote controller may not work reliably.

 Make sure you have selected the correct remote controller mode.

 When using the remote controller to control other manufacturers’ AV components, some buttons may not work as expected.

 Make sure you have entered the correct remote control code.

 Make sure to set the same ID on both the unit and remote controller.

Operating other Onkyo component by using a RI remote control code is not available

 Make sure that the Onkyo component is properly connected with RI cable. When RI cable is used for connection, make sure to connect analog audio (RCA) cable as well. (Connecting only an RI cable will not be enough.)

 Make sure you have selected the correct remote controller mode.

 Make sure that the input display is correctly set.

 Input the RI remote control code again.

 When the RI remote control code is input, point the remote controller at remote control sensor of the unit.

Cannot operate Onkyo components (ones without RI connection) and components of other makers

 Make sure that the connection with other components is correct.

 Input a correct remote control code again. If there are several codes, try each code.

 Make sure that the remote controller mode is correctly selected.

 Operate the remote controller by setting toward the light receiving section of each component.

 Some components may not start the operation.

The remote controller cannot learn other component's remote control.

 Make sure the procedure of learning other component's remote control has been performed correctly.

 Because of differences in transfer systems, some remote controller may not function as intended and learning may not be successful.

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