2nd Onkyo Braille Essay Contest

Announced October 26,2004
Onkyo Corporation

We thank everyone for entering the contest.The winning essays in the Japan Category have been selected.Our highest award,the Otsuki Prize,goes to Mr.Katsutoshi Takahashi of Niigata Prefecture.Also,the Otsuki Prize for International Essays goes to Ms.Amanda Kym Acutt of Australia.

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2nd Onkyo Braille Essay Contest (Japan Category),which began in March this year and was jointly sponsored by the Braille Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper Group and Onkyo Corporation.We are also pleased to announce the winning essays from the international competition.

The contest's intention is to form a bridge between the worlds of Braille and sound for the visually impaired community.A total of 74 essays have been received from all over Japan since the competition started in March,and we also received 28 essays from 8 different countries in the international division.

We thank all the participants in the competition for sending in so many remarkable essays.Onkyo Corporation will continue to offer a rich musical experience to the visually impaired community by providing easy-to-use sound systems and technical support.The inspirational qualities of the many essays we received will help us create even more attractive products.

Japan essays here
International essays here

Mr.Naoto Otsuki
President and CEO
Onkyo Corporation

A Broader Circle of Emotional Impact

This is the second Braille Essay Contest,the first being held last year,and this time we have added an overseas category,so I feel we have built an even better bridge between the worlds of Braille and sound for the visually disabled community.I would like to thank all those who sent in essays,together with the joint organizers,the Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper Group,the WBU-AP (World Blind Union Asia Pacific),and everyone else around the world that helped.

Following the publishing of last year's essays,we received many requests from people in Japan and overseas for more information about the essays,and we also received requests for permission to use them as teaching materials.I think this shows just how important it is for everyone to share the experiences of visually disabled people and understand life from their perspective.

We were fortunate enough to receive a large number of impressive essays on a wide range of topics.In the Japan domestic competition,we congratulate Mr.Takahashi on winning the Otsuki Prize.He wrote a sincere account of his desire to walk unaided and master Braille following the loss of his sight.Ms.Kobayashi gave us a heartwarming essay on her close family relations.Mr.Hyoma Kataoka painted us a vivid picture of his young life.In the international division,a young Australian student,Amanda Kym Acutt,showed a spirited,positive outlook about the future?an outlook that is attributed to her progress with Braille.Every essay conveyed a strong emotional message.We sincerely thank you all.

Onkyo will continue to develop barrier-free audio products and will continue to promote barrier-free activities so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of sound.We already have 10 years' experience in this respect.

Thank you once again to all those people who sent in essays.I wish you the best of luck in your lives.

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